Stakeholder Engagement (PMI RMP)


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Duration: Upto 5 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Self paced course

Project Management Institute (PMI) happens to be the frontier institute in the world that aims at bringing about the sharing of knowledge among project management professionals and among those who aspire to make a difference in the world of project management. These learning would be then belted out as examinations and subsequent credentials to the candidates, which eventually benefit them in the career undertakings and their job or project opportunities.

This training is to focus your project management skills and understanding how to strategise and plan for stakeholder management. The training is in line with the PMI-RMP® suggested learning.

✓ Below is the glimpse of topics covered in this training.
✓ Why analyze stakeholders?
✓ Stakeholder analysis
✓ PMI stakeholder management
✓ Stakeholder groups
✓ Stakeholder involvement and management
✓ Risk Mitigation etc.

Target Customers:
✓ Project management professionals
✓ Project managers
✓ Certified project professionals
✓ Project risk managers who are interested in gaining the credential and taking their career to a higher level
✓ Management students aspiring to be project management professionals
✓ Project developers
✓ Key project stakeholders
✓ Any experienced developer/programmer who has worked in the field of management

✓ Passion and dedication to effectively learn about PMI stakeholder management
✓ Computer with Internet connection to view the training material
✓ Prior understanding about project management and its processes
✓ Basic understanding about project management and its importance in a business or organization

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