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Duration: Upto 4 Hours
Location: United Kingdom
Delivery: Self paced course

Understand the basics of Statistics
Statistics Fundamentals is a program designed to provide a base knowledge of post-secondary level statistics. This program is extremely beneficial for individuals who require refresher in statistics or for those that never had a chance to take a post-secondary university statistics class.

This class can also be a very effective review tool for students that are interested in getting the best base for starting a post-secondary statistics course. With many of the basics in statistics covered throughout the 12 module course, you can enjoy having an advanced knowledge of statistics before the course takes place. Using the modules in combination with your current learning tasks will help you to achieve higher grades as well as with studying for any type of lab or exam scenario.

Through 12 different modules the course will explain some of the basics of statistics and where they can be applied in business, research and more. From the base introduction you’ll learn more about the world of statistics as a whole and how it can be applied to many different types of situations. Learn more about data as a whole and how it can be managed as well as the base of probability.

Statistics fundamentals can become extremely helpful for data management within a business as well as predictability and planning within any type of business. In both funding analysis as well as future planning, the ability to manipulate mass amounts of data can help to predict behaviour within an organization.

Statistics fundamentals can also be extremely helpful for research purposes. If you are currently working in a research field and you are interested in getting more out of your data management capabilities, this course can help to prepare you to take on any research task. Pull data from a study with ease, create charting and prepare probability reports for the future of the data that you gather. These are the types of skills that you can easily put into use after taking this 12-module program.

Benefits you will gain:
By enrolling in to this course, you’ll get:
✓  High quality e-learning study materials and mock exams.
✓  Tutorials/materials from the industry leading experts.
✓  Includes step-by-step tutorial videos and an effective, professional support service.
✓  24/7 Access to the Learning Portal.
✓  Benefit of applying NUS extra Discount Card.
✓  Recognised Accredited Qualification.
✓  Access Course Content on Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.
✓  Study in a user friendly, advanced online learning platform.
✓  Excellent customer service and administrative support.

Successful students will be awarded a certificate in Statistics Essential Training.

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