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AED 7,000

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Duration: 60 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Communication may seem to be difficult and frightening but if you know and apply the right tools and techniques. you will be more confident and bolder to grab the mic and speak your mind up.  @ibgears brought you THE COMMUNIKATE course where we do things differently as you have never witnessed before. We get you to the required level of communication through different stages.

It will be a 3-month journey of theory and practice, outlined in 3 stages as follow:


Stage#1 is listening to understand where you will be building a database based on what you just listened to actively. This section is called the infant phase where you will be taking the role of the receiver and not use any judgments because you will be only tackling what you are listening to.

Stage#2 presentation & public speaking You will be the one delivering information. As people are different and have distinct mindsets, this course adds a part for emotional intelligence as a tool that helps you cope with your listeners at any level: (cold, neutral, or heated).


Stage#3 you will be using what you learned and practiced at the previous stages (1&2) to be able to debate and agree/disagree you will be learning the techniques and methods to argue and debate better and win arguments easier. Various topics will be on your plate. In the end, you will be granted a certificate of accomplishment accredited by KHDA Want to know more details about time and place? Contact us now

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