The Essentials of Human Resources

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Now, more than ever, HR professionals need new skills and a whole new set of competencies: technical, behavioral and emotional, in order to be able to deliver strategic and tangible results.

This course will enable you to transform yourself and your HR department into a business partner capable of delivering results and adding value to your organization.

Course Objectives of The Essentials of Human Resources
Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the nature of HR as a managerial function
List all HR functions and responsibilities and identify their contributions to organizational success
Play the four new roles that make HR a credible business partner in a modern organization
Create an HR strategy that is aligned with the overall organizational strategy
Measure the contribution of HR to the bottom line in both profit and non-profit organizations
Assess the effectiveness of the human resources function through the use of 'SMART' Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and indices
Demonstrate how a competency framework can increase the effectiveness of the HR function
List the core competencies for an HR professional.

The Essentials of Human Resources Course Outlines
Human management: An overview
Definition and objectives of modern HR management
HR management now and then
The main functions in HR management
Climate and culture
Training and development
Performance management
Total compensation management systems
Personnel administration
Competency-based HR management: An overview
HR business partner

Four new roles to play
Management of strategic HR
Management of firm infrastructure
Management of employee contribution
Management of transformation and change
Basic HR competencies required to play the four roles

HR business partner and emotional intelligence
The fundamental emotional intelligence framework
The emotionally intelligent HR business partner
Job analysis, description and evaluation


The pervasiveness of the job description
Four approaches for conducting job analysis
Job Key Result Areas (KRAs)
Writing job descriptions using the job key result area approach
Characteristics of effective job descriptions
Guaranteeing 'internal consistency' through job evaluation
A bird's eye view of the job evaluation system

Fundamentals of strategic HR management
Analysis of the environment
From SWOT analysis to vision and mission statements
The link between strategy and performance
Organizational vs. HR key result areas
Measuring HR KRAs through SMART Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Turning key performance indicators into SMART objectives
The balanced scorecard: an overview

Competency-based HR management
Competency definition
Types of competencies
The different competency components
Competency-based recruitment and selection
Competency-based training and development
Competency-based performance management


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