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AED 4,000

Duration: Upto 24 Hours
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

Our TrainingThe Trainer course is practical and fun and solidly based on modern learning theory. Whether your training is mainly about helping people develop new skills or acquire new knowledge or it is aimed at challenging their thinking, you will find our train the trainer course gives you the confidence to be an effective trainer.

Course Outline:
Understanding and motivating learners
✓ recognizing and overcoming barriers to learning
✓ how to motivate and energize learners
✓ developing training that is relevant and accessible
✓ understanding your own learning style
✓ designing training to suit different learning styles
✓ understanding the dynamics of group learning
✓ learning as an on-going process

Establishing aims and objectives for training
training needs assessment - developing training that meets the needs of the organization and individual learners
identifying learning outcomes

Creating a safe, productive learning environment

Blended learning
what is 'blended learning'?
developing a blended learning programme including eLearning, action learning sets, coaching, shadowing, workshops, open space learning

Training techniques
✓ icebreakers and energizers
✓ effective group work
✓ using different stimuli (eg case studies, role play, questions, metaphor, quizzes and checklists, mind maps)

Planning a training programme
✓ developing session plans
✓ timing

Monitoring and evaluation
Facilitation skills

✓ your personal presentation skills
✓ listening
✓ questioning
✓ handling difficult situations

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