Training Course on Effective Skills in Disaster Preparedness and Planning

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AED 850

Duration: 5 Days
Location: Kenya
Delivery: Onsite course

A disaster is any event, natural or man-made, which threatens human lives, damages private and public property and infrastructure, and disrupts social and economic life. Disaster preparedness are the measures taken to prepare for and reduce the effects of disasters. That is, to predict and, where possible, prevent disasters, mitigate their impact on vulnerable populations, and respond to and effectively cope with their consequences. Disaster preparedness planning involves identifying organizational resources, determining roles and responsibilities, developing policies and procedures and planning activities in order to reach a level of preparedness to be able to respond timely and effectively to a disaster should one occur.


Learning outcomes
By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

✓  Comprehend the emergency planning and preparedness process.

✓  Identify effective emergency planning and preparedness techniques.

✓  Know the relationship between the type of emergency and the plan.

✓  Understand the emergency planning cycle.

✓  Confidently prepare an emergency plan.


Who should enroll?
This course is strongly recommended for anybody with an interest in emergency planning and preparedness. It is ideal for economic planners, disaster management officials/professionals and contingency planners.


Why train with us
Vital Extra Learning guarantees our clients:

✓  State-of-the-art facilities and training infrastructure

✓  Extended tradition of hand-holding during post engagement

✓  Service delivery through highly seasoned industry experts.

✓  Value for money



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