Training Course on Effective Strategy Development for SMEs and Start-up Ventures

Vital Extra Learning and Consultancy

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AED 950

Duration: 5 Days
Location: Kenya
Delivery: Onsite course

Effective strategy formulation skills are highly prized in corporate world—and they are absolutely essential in SMEs and Start-up ventures. The ability to develop operational business strategies and then take those from plan to action (or to rethink them on short notice) sets true leaders apart from their peers. Forward-looking strategy formulation can make the difference between a profitable business and one that stagnates. Vital Extra Learning and Consultancy offers strategic development training course for managers at all levels. The entire process is covered in detail, from the basics of formulation to implementing a strategic business plan. This course is designed to help participants gain the business strategy and skills needed to effectively map their organization’s future.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

✓    Use Mind Mapping to define and refine a strategic initiative

✓    Design a strategic execution goal for a successful outcome and preparing for results

✓    Plan and lead an energizing launch for a strategic initiative-focused project

✓    Use plans, schedules, budgets and controls to track the progress of their strategic initiative

✓    Overcome opposition and unforeseen obstacles using political skills and creative problem solving techniques.


Who should enroll?

This course is ideal for you if you are a strategy managers, risk management official or someone who desires to become more knowledgeable in strategy management. This course is also suitable for experienced leaders who need to successfully execute their part of larger scope, mission-critical strategic initiatives.

Why train with us

Vital Extra Learning guarantees our clients:

✓    State-of-the-art facilities and training infrastructure

✓    Extended tradition of hand-holding during post engagement

✓    Service delivery through highly seasoned industry experts.

✓    Value for money


Module 1: Strategic Thinking and Planning

✓    Exposition of the concept of strategy 

✓    Good strategy vs bad strategy

✓    Thinking strategically and its application in organizations

✓    Leadership and management of strategy

✓    Strategic goals vs operational goals

✓    Application of strategic management system

Module 2: Business Analysis for Strategy Development

✓    The concept of business model

✓    Vision, values, mission and goals

✓    Business environment analysis

✓    Evaluation of organizations competencies and capabilities

✓    Resource-based approaches to strategy

Module 3: Strategy Development, Choice and Translation

✓    Levels of strategy: corporate, business and functional

✓    Competitive strategy – strategy as position

✓    Emergent strategies – strategy as patterns

✓    Uncertainty and scenarios – strategy as plans

✓    Strategic choice – how to select the best strategy

✓    Translating strategy with strategy maps and balanced scorecards

Module 4: Implementation of Strategy in Organizations

✓    Strategy communication

✓    Stakeholder management in strategy implementation

✓    Managing strategic risks

✓    Strategy alignment with organizational operations

✓    Measurement of strategic performance

✓    Effective execution of strategy implementation

✓    Integration of strategic and operational management processes

Module 5: Bringing It All Together

✓    Ensuring cohesiveness in strategy planning teams

✓    Tools for analyzing business models and strategies

✓    Dealing with psychological bias 

✓    Action planning


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