UAECA/ACCA Advanced Diploma (Accounting & Business)

Accountants & Auditors Association

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AED 2,070

AED 2,300

Duration: 12 Months
Location: United Arab Emirates
Delivery: Onsite course

You will gain the Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business when you pass:
✓  All the exams in the Fundamentals level (F1-F9)
✓  The Ethics and Professional Skills module.
✓  Depending on when you take your exams and ethics module, you could - get this award in 12-18 months.


What Enhanced Qualifications Can You Get?
You can also combine the ACCA Qualification with getting a degree:
✓  BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Accounting
✓  Get a degree at the same time as becoming a qualified accountant through our partnership with Oxford Brookes University. This is the perfect way to gain an extra qualification without doubling your workload.


You Need To:
✓   Pass your ACCA Qualification exams
✓  Pass the Ethics and Professional Skills module
✓  Submit a research and analysis project.
✓   Find out more about the BSc
✓  Be a master of Professional Accountancy

Accountants And Auditors Association is the first accountancy body worldwide to offer an integrated master’s programme. Alongside studying for your professional qualification, you can gain a Master’s in Professional Accountancy from the University of London. You’ll build on the commercial, strategic and creative skills the ACCA Qualification gives you – and develop both academic and professional perspectives that will give you unique opportunities in your career.


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