HR Business Partners Training

HR Business Partners Training
HR Business Partners Training

AED 3200  AED 2880

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  • Duration
    3 - Days
  • Timing
    9am to 1:30 pm
  • Skill Level
  • Lectures

What will you learn by the end of this course?

  • Identify one or more problems to solve
  • Create a problem statement
  • Conduct a root cause analysis of the problem
  • Develop criteria to evaluate a solution to the problem
  • Generate a list of solutions
  • Select the best solution
  • Validate their solution
  • Develop a plan to implement the solution
  • Develop a plan to monitor and verify the solution
  • Decision Planning, Making, then Evaluating
  • How to create action plans for right further decisions
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor in the organization
  • Learn to communicate verbally and non-verbally effectively
  • Gain a better understanding of the nature of the conflict in the workplace through identification of healthy responses
  • Understand how people are motivated and explore ways in which the supervisor can influence employees performance
  • Discover why performance improvement plans are so critical
  • Explore how to function effectively as a team
  • Learn how to be more successful in reaching team goals
  • Discuss ways to measure, identify and relieve your stress
  • Address techniques for taking a pro-active role and planning for change
  • Define the key responsibilities and roles of a supervisor
  • Keys to apply appropriate motivation techniques
  • Identify appropriate leadership styles to suit the readiness of your subordinates
  • Devise a strategy that builds synergy on those you lead
  • Work out a personal plan of action to affirm lessons learn

How this will change your organization

  • People will complete projects sooner with less effort
  • The quality of work will improve
  • There will be fewer mistakes
  • Teams will work together more effectively
  • People will feel less stress

Objectives of the Course:
Learn to effectively utilize crucial management tools to help you lead and motivate your team. This workshop equips
participants with proven supervisory techniques that can be put into action immediately.
Most supervisors are promoted into the role of the supervisor because they are good at doing the job, not because they are good at
supervising others; that skill has to be learned. The focus will be on the necessary tools and skills for building personal
confidence in their leadership role in the workplace whilst making the most of interpersonal interactions.
Delegates can discuss the problems they face and identify some of the challenges and solutions for the future

Established in 2014, Progress Corporate Training is the UAE’s leading corporate training provider, offering over 100 short training courses in Management, as well as technical training courses in the Oil and Gas sector. Courses are delivered by highly qualified consultants.

PTC was one of the pioneers of running CIMA courses in the UAE. 

In recent years, Progress has extended its reach to other professional courses such as CMA, CFA, Islamic Finance, PMP, Business Skills, and customized training courses for companies. PTC's ability to provide courses in both Arabic and English is evidence of PTC's cultural adaptability.

Today, PTC's clients are among some of the top public and private organizations in the UAE. It helps hundreds of professionals across all seven Emirates to achieve their career dreams.

Working jointly with our community partners we seek to help people, build a resilient community and contribute to a sustainable future.





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