IATA Airline Cabin Crew

IATA Airline Cabin Crew
IATA Airline Cabin Crew

AED 7500  AED 6750

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  • Duration
    2 - Months
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  • Lectures
    12 Lectures
Course Overview


This course is ideal for young professionals looking to get a head start in the profession, introducing the skills and responsibilities expected by the world’s leading airlines. Special emphasis is given to customer service and procedures for handling unusual situations during flight, with the final module of the course giving useful tips for completing the recruitment process.




Proficiency in English Language (Read, Write and Speak)


Course Content


Introduction to the Airline Industry - Regulatory Context of the Airline Industry - Organization Structures in Airlines Airport Transport and Flight Operation - Flight Operation - The Aircraft Cabin - Theory of Flight and Altitude Physiology Crew Responsibilities and Cooperation - Organization Structure and Board the Aircraft - Communication on Board the Aircraft - Cabin Crew Duties in Normal Operations Managing Abnormal and Emergency Situations - Perspective on Air Transportation Safety - Turbulence and Cabin Decompression - Emergency Landing and Evacuation Medical Emergencies Onboard the Aircraft - Medical Emergency Equipment Onboard the Aircraft - Performing CPR, AED and Heimlich Manoeuvre - Flight and Cabin Crew Incapacitation Dangerous Goods - Air Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Handling Dangerous Goods in the Aircraft Cabin Aviation Security - Coordinated Efforts to Increase Aviation Security - Unlawful Interference Customer Service and Interaction with passengers - Creating a Customer Service Environment - Serving Passengers with Additional Needs Airline Catering and Onboard Retail Services - Organization of Airline Catering - Serving Meals Onboard the Aircraft Cabin Crew Professional Development - The Cabin Crew Professional and Life Style Choices - Cabin Crew Professional Development


Course Outcomes




Course Director/Instructor






Sharaf Aviation Services Academy LLC, Before Maktoum Bridge , Close to emarat Ptrol Station, AL Karama Dubai .-251377, Tel No-0097143852898, Email Info@sharafacademy.com


Sharaf Aviation Services Academy, a division of the Sharaf Travel Group was set up in 2012 Recognized by the KHDA, the Academy’s primary aim is to offer comprehensive and industry relevant courses that are carefully researched and updated to cover all aspects of the airline and travel business.

Our programmes will enable our students to finely hone their professional skills and assist them in developmental areas such as reservation, ticketing as well as the other operational aspects involved in our Industry. Additionally, they will also become familiar with related subjects such as an introduction to the airline industry, Air transport fundamentals, Airport operations, Passenger ground services, e-ticketing and more...

Our endeavour is to provide our alumni with an interactive learning experience.

Sharaf Aviation Services Academy

Sharaf Aviation Services Academy