Senior human resources Management (SHRM)

Senior human resources Management (SHRM)
Senior human resources Management (SHRM)

AED 1700  AED 1530

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  • Duration
    3 - Days
  • Timing
    4pm to 9pm
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About: SHRM

E. Management Resources Human for Society, which is the language of public administration of resources
Human Rights Committee, established in 1948 and headquartered in the United States of America,
A group of only 28 people; whether or not there is now a large number of people working with human resources,
With membership of about 275,000 members, and has become a branch of more than 160 countries around the world.
The community provides approaches to human resources management,
At the same time, there is a strong awareness of the quality and quality of development.

Objectives of the session

  • - What is the role of human resources involved? And what?
  • - Modern human resources management objectives
  • - Activities and human resources (I / B / training / performance / job evaluation)
  • - The integrated model of human resource practices
  • - Disagreement of human resources activities.
  • - Compulsive capacity to manage human resources
  • - What is the critical and administrative role of human resources management?

Course Component:

  • - Management fees and allowances
  • - With incentives and staff, staff and supervisors
  • - Generating health insurance
  • - with the new model of the new human resources manager
  • - A new HR manager is emerging from some of the obstacles
  • - With respect to dissatisfaction and the Iranian plan
  • - Annual rate and attendance
  • - Communication and humanitarian costs
  • - Description, labeling and management functions of human resources
  • - Balanced performance
  • - The role of administrative governance in the development of managers
  • - Use of MBTI cards by teams
  • - The DACUM is implemented by human resources


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