Devopsdays Geneva

Devopsdays Geneva will present not only concrete applications of the DevOps culture in business but also DevOps security integration issues (DevSecOps) and the necessary change management within teams to ensure the success of these new practices. It is a is a combination of philosophies, methodologies, practices, and tools that, often used in conjunction with agile methods and taking advantage of the scalability of cloud computing, allows businesses to accelerate the delivery capacity of their applications, services or products and thus better meet the needs of their customers.

DevOpsDays is a self-organizing community driven conference for DevOps practitioners where we want to share and refine agile DevOps techniques in an interactive and engaging way.The Galway DevOps community is particularly driven and well placed to progress DevOps practices having a rich mix of start-up to enterprise technology companies including many top tier.As 2017 was the first year to have it in Ireland this year we are hoping to grow beyond the 150 participants and invite more people from all over to attend. For those that wish to speak at the conference you can propose a talk here: look forward to seeing you there.