Foodmech Asia

Foodmech Asia can help you to explore the core of Food Industry.If you are looking for the best, Here is the Opportunity - Foodmech Asia.

FOODMECH ASIA - 2019 organized by JANKI CORPORATION. It will be held from 8 to 11 JUNE 2019 at LABHGANGA EXHIBITION CONVENTION CENTER, INDORE This mega event will promote Food Processing machinery,Packaging Machinery, Bakery & Dairy Equipment, Catering Technology, Food & Hospitality Sector in India.

FOODMECH ASIA - 2019 will be the mega exhibition where key players, consumer related & major manufacturers with various service providers throughout India are expected to participate, over 250+ exhibitors throughout India are expected to be participating, adding edge to the advantage, the potential that food & hospitality sector presents is sure to take the prospects of the FOODMECH ASIA - 2019 ahead.

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