International Conference on Blockchain Technology

Recognizing the importance of Blockchain and related technologies, the International Economics Development and Research Center held a conference to foster the development of an initiative. During one day event, representatives from academia, industry, government, and IEDRC volunteers and staff gathered to define that initiative. As several subject matter experts discuss the status of the technology, attendees give their own perspectives, and attendees share their research results. This diverse group of experts will generate more than great ideas; they will define the work that must be done for Blockchain to reach its potential and will focus the energy to accomplish it.


Founded in 2003. International Economics Development and Research Center is a nonprofit independent research organization. Asia-Pacific Economics Consulting Center was its earlier name. The Service can be traced back to the first work in 1999. For Promotion and developments in Economics Theory and Applications in a wide range of ways, IEDRC has always played a very influential role. The primary objective is to encourage and carry out collaborative interdisciplinary research in state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies within its domain of proficiency. Every year down the line International Economics Development and Research Center all over the world organize important conferences. They are published in the Proceedings of Economics Development and Research and included in the Engineering & Technology Digital Library and indexed in Thomson ISI.