The HR Tech Conference - Mumbai Edition

The HR Tech Conference focus on transform employee management, improving HR service through technology, the technology partnership that drove recruiting success, social recruiting strategy to source and hire top talent, and much more.

The year 2017 is a challenging year - the Silver Jubilee Edition of World HRD Congress at the Taj Lands End was a huge success with over 1870 professionals in attendance from over 133 countries. Newer elements introduced last year such as HR Tech ; Diversity and Inclusion or women leaders in HR were well appreciated .

Encouraged by the super success of the World HRD Congress we are now gearing up for the 2018 Edition of World HRD Congress in its 26th Year . Its going to be a lot of hard work . Like they say when ambition soars nothing can stop it !!

I am ambitious to make the 2018 edition far more bigger and conceptually stronger . I strongly believe that when elements such as Trust at work ; passion at work; Agility at work are in place then the organisation is Futuristic in its approach. of course element such as Technology will shape the future . We are going to experiment with newer ideas in the 2018 edition .The idea is to determine the shape of things to come !!! Not exactly prognosis - but certainly determining the shape of things in store to be prepared and anticipate how we will make it happen for the Future . So lets be prepared .

Being prepared for the Future is a good thing. It helps us to anticipate and lead ahead .


Now on the theme Purposeful Purpose:

Giving is important element of our Lives , More so for HR leaders to set an example along with their peers within the organisation to Give : To give their best - to give their time to juniors to mentor them - coach them and Guide them to a Future . Organisations of today must build their Future by building "Purpose " to their Vision statements ; To the Mission of the organisation and to the value that they can derive by building a purpose to their approach. This will improve organisational Effectiveness . And in turn build a conscience driven company.

Leaders in conscience driven companies lead more effectively into building Trust and resilience . This makes the organisation more agile and improves its Competitive ability . When competitive ability improves - the organisation is more ready to build Future Leaders . These Leaders "rock " the workplace and make it affable with teams.


Dr. Marshall Goldsmith the world's No 1 Leadership Coach believes that Giving will play an Important role in building Organisations of the Future .

Hope to meet you all at the 2018 edition of the World HRD Congress. The awards program is also revamped. May the best Shine !!