10Eighty Middle East

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Why 10Eighty?
Our name 10Eighty reflects the employee distribution curve, made up of three groups in a typical organization:

  • 10% of highly talented individuals – we believe we can help you identify, attract and retain key talent
  • 80% of employees are the bedrock of the business – we will increase their engagement and in return, your organization’s profitability and effectiveness
  • 10% of employees who are leaving the organization for a variety of reasons including re-structuring, retirement, redundancy and poor performance – we can help you affect successful transitions
    10Eighty will ensure you maximize the performance of all three groups.

How does 10Eighty achieve this?

10Eighty is focused on working in partnership with organizations to deliver real return on investment and demonstrable improvements in performance. We work closely in understanding the organizational challenges and the competitive environment and look to truly add value by working in partnership with the organization to deliver solutions that have a positive impact on both the organization and people performance to achieve their objectives.