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Who we are
BlackBird Training believes in continuous development with respect and prestige. Training and non-formal education are key methods to build and develop nations.

Our records, in Training & Development, go back to 2001. What we do is to enable individuals and organizations to make training more sensible and applicable to work. Our services were proven to be successful in both private and public sectors as well as NGOs. It is so because our professional staff and trainers customize each and every course according to the needs and the level of every client.

Our vision and mission
To be your strategic training partner and boost your performance upwards.

Although we do it right from the first time for our clients; we are more diligent to keep it right forever. Your trust and positive impression are very dear to us; our global team is so keen to answer all your needs in the right time and manner.

Our Strategic Objectives
Our strategic objectives are there to ensure our vision is achieved successfully. Our Strategic Objectives for the years 2019-2022 are:

Provide ongoing high-quality training services and consulting to both public and private sectors
Build long-term bridges/business relationships with our clients
Respect and address the exact needs of the clients (one-size-fits-all is not accepted for us)
Inspire and motivate the client by linking our services to the company/country’s own vision

Our values
Continuous Improvement
Respect clients & needs
Equal opportunities
Learn with dignity & flexibility (via own language & level)
Our Training/Consulting Philosophy
Training/consulting is usually related to the Job description, performance appraisal, or maybe wish list. We deliver our training programs based on problems and challenges at work. We integrate the clients’ vision in our programs so that it fits more into the context. This is why we are very flexible with the clients; we follow their needs rather than following our well-designed and pre-set outlines.

Although our training programs are based on modern training technologies, we follow Socrates’: “ I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think ”. How you think is the key to how you behave and perform.

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