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The Arabic Language Centre (ALC) is a pioneer language institute specialised in teaching Arabic as a foreign language to adults and children.

The Arabic Language Centre (ALC) was founded by Maliha Wehbe in 1980 at the Dubai World Trade Centre initially to teach Arabic to adults. Aiming to reach the younger audience as well, the school expanded its scope of services in 1988 (under the name of DEI School of Languages) as it set out to teach Arabic to children.

Our classes are delivered using an interactive, communicative and student-centered approach that makes learning Arabic fun and memorable. Our unique method of instruction has been tested and proven effective by our students’ ability to communicate confidently upon the completion of the courses and their 100% success rate in international board examinations.

Arabic for Adults

ALC has welcomed thousands of students from a variety of nationalities and professional backgrounds. It has provided training to some of the most prestigious businesses in the private, governmental, and semi-governmental sectors in the UAE.

We teach Business and Social Arabic, from Beginners through to Advanced Levels. We incorporate a combination of spoken Arabic and a simplified form of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). While we teach all four skills of the language, we focus on the speaking skill in order to enable students to communicate effectively with Arabic speakers from various regions.

Arabic for Children

We welcome school-age learners (3-16 year old) onto our regular Saturday programmes, after-school programmes, and seasonal term camps.

Our Arabic for Children programmes are structured according to age and levels of language ability. The structured classes are comprehensive and designed to teach vocabulary and phrasal expressions relevant to everyday use.

Mission Statement

To teach the Arabic language to current and future generations, using the unique Maliha Wehbe methodology, which aims to enable students to learn Arabic in a simplified and friendly manner while appreciating its inherent logic and beautiful cultures.

ALC is committed to provide professional educational services to its students, in an environment that values work ethics and promotes multiculturalism.


To be recognized as pioneers in Arabic language teaching for Adults and Children and to become the official centre for Arabic training to individuals and companies in the UAE.

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