Abacus Quest Point

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UCMAS UAE is comprised of thirty-six branches of the world’s largest international chain of skill development centers dedicated to ensuring that children, primarily between the ages of five and thirteen, enhance a range of their cognitive skills by providing training to them in using the abacus, an instrument comprised of a frame of beads and bars, used since ancient times for calculation.

With training and practice, students shift from physically manipulating the beads to mentally adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing even multi-digit numbers. While such skill is astounding to the uninitiated, even more, remarkable is that early use of the abacus enhances skills requisite to learning, including the basics such as paying attention, focusing, listening, and visualizing. Scientists name this benefit of early mind-hand training in the abacus as increasing ‘neural-plasticity.’ In other words, studies show that students who follow through with a graduated program of training in the abacus tend to be much more capable than their peers, who have not learned the abacus, to acquire knowledge in all academic subject areas and to make more carefully considered decisions about choices presented to them in the real world.

Every scientific study ever completed on the effects of early childhood training in the abacus reveals that it is one of the best ways to help children of all skill levels, backgrounds, experience, and physical and mental capacity to train their minds to focus and learn than by using the abacus. Indeed, it has been the experience of UCMAS that children declared to be clinically diagnosed with cognitive delays are able to overcome the same by engaging their hands and minds while performing mathematics using the abacus.

Through informational ad campaigns and interviews, UCMAS-Dubai event organizers will awaken area parents, teachers, school administrators, and government leaders to the immeasurable value of early childhood training in the abacus. In this way, they will help each and every child residing in the UAE to achieve the goals of Vision 2021.

UCMAS UAE administrators and teachers demonstrate their value of improving the cognitive skills of children by serving as the best representatives of the craft of abacus teaching. They highly value the birthright that every child - no matter his or her background or ability - deserves the opportunity to compete at the highest intellectual levels by dint of having received training handling abacus manipulatives, which helps them in all skills required for successful learning: focusing, paying attention, concentrating, listening, visualizing, discussing their learning, and demonstrating understanding.
UCMAS UAE administrators and teachers are dedicated and committed to helping students become more competent, confident, happier, and successful.

By wholeheartedly branding every facet of the superior UCMAS UAE programs - from greetings to media outreach, to teacher training, UCMAS UAE will increase enrollments.
By expanding to fifty branch schools by 2018, and one hundred by 2021, all area children will have the opportunity to take advantage of our superior abacus-training programs that are scientifically proven to improve focus, concentration, and ability to learn.
Thus, UCMAS UAE will be best positioned to be the best long-term solution to helping the UAE meet or surpass UAE Vision 2021 - and beyond - Agenda for Education targets.

There is an expression that the intelligent mind works with an efficient hand, and the efficient hand works with an intelligent mind. For the mind and hand to work together most proficiently, training involving their interaction is required.
Abacus training involves the handling of manipulative, objects to think of this case, beads. UCMAS lessons provide rigorous workouts for young minds, and this interaction enhances their cognition and brain development.
It is this core philosophy that is embraced by educators at UCMAS schools throughout the world, whose goal is to help students grasp not only mathematical concepts, but concepts of higher thought in general, to help make the lives of all their students easier than if they had never experienced training in the abacus.