AIM Middle East Consulting and Training

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AIM Middle East is a UAE based educational consulting and training organization providing educational services in the region, since 2013. The company is based in Dubai and is licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of Dubai.

The company’s founders are committed to promoting high-quality education that reflects best international practice, latest research and equips educators to successfully apply their new knowledge to any environment and across curricula.

Early Childhood Education:

AIM Middle East firmly believes in the importance and criticality of Early Childhood Education for the achievements and development of future citizens of the world. We excel at providing systems of assessment and teaching that support international standards in early years, encompassing practices that are aligned to both the EYFS and NAEYC.

Early Years Certification Programs:

We believe that the most important aspect in training adult learners is to inspire them to want to explore the topics beyond what is being taught, motivate them to fulfill their potential by integrating their own experiences to the new knowledge learnt and energize them by providing them with the tools and confidence to excel at what they do.

  • Caregiver Certificate – Level 1 (Recommended for assistants)
  • Early Childhood Care – Level 2 (Teaching qualification for junior teacher roles)
  • Early Childhood Theory and Application (Teacher qualification)
  • Leadership and Management for Early Childhood Settings (Management roles)

These Early Years Certification Programs are a benchmark for quality, innovation and affordability. These contemporary programs focus on pedagogical practice and follow best international standards, across all frameworks and curricula. The programs meet the early years' teacher competency requirements from NAEYC, EYFS and MOE (UAE), enabling participants to practice successfully as early childhood educators in nurseries, kindergartens and early learning centres with British, American and other International curricula.

Early Childhood Center Evaluation:

As part of the enrichment of effective practices in Early Childhood Education, AIM Middle East and IPC have developed the Early Childhood Center Evaluation (ECCE). Aligned with international best practice in school inspection and the UAE National Education Agenda, the ECCE aims to provide administrators of early learning centres, kindergartens and nurseries with feedback and guidance towards the attainment of high-quality early childhood education across all curricula and learning frameworks.

Early Childhood Professional Development Workshops:

Our ongoing professional development workshops aim to enhance skills and knowledge in the field of early childhood education and have been developed to provide practical guidelines, ensuring best international practice is followed. These 3-hour workshops are conducted on-site to accommodate the centre’s specific needs.

Educational Development:

It is the company’s mission to provide highly relevant, research-based educational consultancy and training, with a view to enabling educators to provide competitive global education. In this regard the company has initiated collaborations with international organizations such as KLAY Consulting, to bring their expertise to the region. Under this partnership, we are offering products and services for the Primary and Secondary Level education catering to the needs of Regulators, Schools, Teachers Community, and Governments. Such services include but are not limited to:

  • Educational reforms and development of education agenda.
  • Strategic Planning and Program Conceptualization.
  • Curriculum Review & Planning across systems.
  • Teachers' Training and Leadership Coaching for Educationists.
  • Institutions assessments and improvement plans.

At AIM Middle East, we are committed to the vision of quality education that is in line with 21st-century learning. We believe in inspiring, motivating and energizing educators with a view to enhancing and developing their skill set in order to enrich the student learning experience.

We work with the best available global talent and resources to ensure we are able to deliver best international practice, latest research and innovative solutions. Our goal is to equip educators with this transformational learning and ensure they successfully apply their new knowledge to any environment or curriculum.

COURSES OFFERED BY AIM Middle East Consulting and Training