British Training Institute

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British Training Institute is an Emirati-British experience house with a distinguished team of about fifty experts in training and consulting from major Arab and international universities, professional experts and distinguished professionals.

The training activity covers the areas of business administration, project management, human resource management, social insurance, marketing management, procurement, warehousing, accounting, auditing, costs, taxation, financial management, investment, finance, stock exchange, foreign trade, security and safety, environmental programs, environmental management, technical and engineering programs and legal programs.

The Institute has trained many trainees in all fields in the major UAE companies, Arab and international companies operating in the UAE and most Arab countries. The Institute's experts have extensive experience in dealing with large companies, institutions, bodies and governments of Arab countries.

The Institute also provides consultancy to achieve the strategic objectives of the institutions and work to solve all the problems and obstacles that affect their performance by providing integrated scientific and technical solutions, designing computer systems and training them and giving applied scientific advice specialized in solving problems and how to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Our Vision :
Building a national and international leading institution in training and human development


Our Mission:
To promote the performance of the participant to the top performance whether at the individual level or at the level of companies, institutions and private bodies or was at the level of government agencies and ministries.


Our Values : 

1) Credibility.

2) Effective customer performance development is the main challenge to the success of the Institute.

3) "Whoever does not progress will become obsolete." Continuing development of tools, methods, work systems, plans, strategies and solutions proposed to achieve the objectives and access to the latest technical techniques worldwide, transfer and application in our Arab countries.

4) The spirit of the team: All the staff of the Institute are workers and managers, united by the spirit of cooperation and the spirit of the team, which seeks to achieve one goal is to develop the performance of the participant through cooperation and harmonious performance of the working group.


Our training standards:

1) Professional trainers from the most prestigious universities and international organizations.

2) Evaluation before, during and after the training program to measure the return 
value of the training .

3) a stimulating training environment with modern training components and techniques.

4) Use video and audio in some professional programs as training aids.

5) Cooperation with human resources departments and training in follow-up training impact after the expiration of a period of (3) months on the training program as an international standard.

6) The implementation of the training programs, except for the contractual number of participants does not exceed (12) people as an international standard.


Our Goals : 

1) Provide competencies for the participants, the potential and aspiration around the world, and who are looking for results in different areas of programs.

2) Transform creative ideas into action reality.

3) To establish partnerships and cooperation with the British expert houses, academies and universities to upgrade the training standards and keep pace with the latest programs.

4) Establish partnerships and cooperation with ministries and public sector institutions inside and outside the UAE to provide comprehensive training solutions based on the analysis and identification of the training needs of the work environment according to a sophisticated methodology and implementation of the highest international standards to support and develop the capabilities and skills of human resources.


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