Carfax Private Tutors FZ-LLC

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Carfax Private Tutors is committed to providing the highest standard of private tuition in all academic subjects and languages, to pupils of all ages. All tuition undertaken by Carfax tutors is bespoke, meaning that lessons are of the maximum efficiency as pupils undertake work that is wholly relevant to them at all times.

Carfax work together with tutees to create effective academic plans which look to recognize both strengths and weaknesses, with a view to further academic success. Carfax then oversee pupils’ progress throughout the entire scheme of work, providing regular feedback.

Each course at Carfax is tailored to an individual’s abilities and character, ensuring that supplementary study is specific and targeted.

Through the wider Carfax Education group, Carfax Private Tutors is also able to offer guidance for the selection, preparation and application to the most prestigious schools and universities in the UK, the US and Switzerland.

For pupils planning on entering a local school within the United Arab Emirates, Carfax Private Tutors can provide consulting advice on the provision of education available, as well as academic support to ensure pupils are of the required standard to enter these institutions and flourish.

Carfax Private Tutors is part of the wider Carfax Education Group, offering a wide range of high quality educational services worldwide.