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Education Resource Network (ERN) is the right choice for those wanting to study abroad.We provide complete admission services to wide range of Universities around the globe. Whether you need to obtain admission, information on scholarships, accommodation booking or any other query related to studying abroad, ERN will be able to assist students accordingly. 

We represent universities in UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Canada & Malaysia
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Our services include:
  • -University and course advice
  • -Securing admission/offer letter
  • -Visa application assistance
  • -Pre & Post departure support
  • -Accommodation Bookings
  • -English Language test preparation through our partner academies .

Why choose ERN?

  • -We have been placing students at overseas Universities for more than a decade.
  • -No charges for school graduates applying to any of our partner institutions.
  • -98% visa success rate.
  • -Quick turnaround time for admission processing.
  • -All our students are offered various channels of networking events which include: counseling sessions, visa seminars, pre-departure briefings, etc.