Eton Institute

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Eton Institute is a well-recognized global leader in many professional development languages and mobile learning programs. Eton Institute follows the most sought-after training methodology and provides training in a wide variety of languages and test preparation exams. 

- EAQUALS-accredited Language Program
- Program meets the standard set by Council of Europe as in 'Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)'
- Flexible timings also available (Contact to see availability)
- Taught by Native Speakers
- Customized Program opportunity also available (Contact to see availability)

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We operate with the understanding that languages, communication and culture are fundamental to the human experience and necessary for individuals’ and organizations’ future success. Offering solutions in over 160 Languages since 2006, we have helped thousands of individuals and companies resolve communication challenges through customized solutions, with operations in the UAE, USA, Hong Kong and India.

We have developed unique, proven engagement methodologies and techniques, and we’re proud to be associated with top international organizations, to successfully connect people and global businesses to opportunity. 

To empower individuals and teams with the communication skills required to excel personally and professionally in a culturally connected world.

Deliver robust world class communication and learning solutions that promote borderless understanding and tolerance while supporting and celebrating cultural diversity.

Professionalism, Innovation, Accountability, Quality, Open Two-Way Communication, Customer Satisfaction, Empowerment, Corporate Social Responsibility.

Offer a range of price competitive, flexible and tailored courses to suit learners’ needs, facilitated by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Enrich the network of communities in which we operate.