Father Saturnino Urios University

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About us

We are a Filipino, Catholic, diocesan, educational institution committed to imparting our students with the skills, knowledge, and competence to succeed in their chosen fields of study. Our administrators, faculty, and staff are guided by the Urian core values of Unity, Religiosity, Integrity, Altruism, and Nationalism.

We offer a holistic brand of education, and we are proud to be recognized as one of the leading institutions in Northeastern Mindanao.As we forward educational enhancement, research development, and service to the community, our university produces professionals who make significant contributions in their future lines of work, both here and abroad. Three campuses ensure safe and conducive avenues for learning: the Archbishop Morelos Campus in Libertad, the Juan de Dios Pueblos Senior High School in our main campus at the heart of Butuan City. Altogether, FSUU provides an atmosphere of excellence and innovation that is mindful of society’s ever-changing needs.

Goals and Objective

Institutional Goals
 1. Synergize the development of the people
 2. Create innovative programs
 3. Expand and strengthen partnerships

The 7 Objectives:
In addition to the university’s vision and mission, the URIAN core values, the 7 principles, its vision of a preferred future and goals, the foundation of the five-year plan includes the following objectives:

Promote Student success and the student experience;

  • Integrated service for community development, economic development and entrepreneurship;
  • Strategic HR and Quality of life in the workplace;
  • Large-scale research and its infrastructure;
  • Global connectedness and presence;
  • Campus and Facilities design; and
  • Synergies among disciplines, programs, and services.

                  COURSES OFFERED BY Father Saturnino Urios University