FH Insights

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FH Insights is a Dubai based training company that provides business professionals with the skills they need to excel in their role. We believe that knowing yourself and understanding others is critical to your success in the workplace and offer a number of different training and coaching solutions to help you achieve this. We show individuals how to understand the behaviours of themselves and those around them, enabling them to adapt their interactions to maximize results and improve relationships. Our training delivers lasting change and will empower your employees to make a positive impact on the business and with the people they work with.

The idea for FH Insights came from our exposure to business in the middle east and recognising the challenges that people faced with working with different cultures, working styles and personalities. We had both been exposed to personality profiling in the past and saw its potential to help improve relationships, sales and management skills. From that idea FH Insights was formed. Since then the business and offering has grown to cover a wide range of business skills training and coaching. Holly continues to run the business and brings passion, energy and experience to her clients and the training room.