Harvest Training Center

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The Center is one of the leading centers in the field of training, human development, strategic planning, management development and continuing education. It aims at developing individuals, developing their greatest skills and helping them to develop themselves and improve their level of employment by offering training programs in different sectors and fields in order to upgrade Competencies in the public and private sectors of the United Arab Emirates and all GCC countries and other Arab countries.

Who we are

The Harvest Center was established in 1987 in the Arab Republic of Egypt and spread its branches throughout Egypt to become one of the largest training centers in the field of training and education by providing the latest English language programs,

(TOEFL-IELTS) in cooperation with the International Institute of British Journalists in Cairo through the best foreign and professional local teachers, as well as computer programs for students of schools and universities, and training programs in all sectors and different fields without limiting the administrative, financial, legal and technical sector and the customs, security and educational sector, Conferences and forums on international arbitration and resolution of international disputes.

  • The Harvard Training Center was established in 2012 to cover the United Arab Emirates and all the GCC countries.
  • Harvest is one of the first centers to conduct the largest international cooperation with the best and largest international institutions in the field of training and education and all certificates issued by the Center is recognized internationally.
  • The Harvard Training Center in Dubai provides support to students of schools, universities, alumni and employees of ministries, organizations and companies through providing the best advanced training programs and programs of reinforcement through modern training methods through the use of modern technologies in training, e-marketing and social networking sites.
  • The Harvest Center has relied on training and development in the field of training and education. It has selected a team of highly qualified lecturers and trainers with extensive experience in training using modern training methods, thus contributing to the development and development of human resources.

Our Vision:

Harvard Training and Education Center seeks to reach the top of the leadership in training and development and to be the preferred destination of the public and private institutions companies to carry out the training of their human resources, and to be a strategic partner in the process of building and developing human capacities and preparing future leaders.

Our Mission:

Our objectives are to provide training and education to meet all strategic requirements, based on a wide range of expert lecturers in all fields and different ways in presenting the scientific materials of our programs, in order to achieve the highest quality and excellence in all our activities.