PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy

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PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy is India's one of the best Digital Marketing training school. PromozSEO is located in Kolkata and it offers classroom and online courses in all over India and across the world. PromozSEO was first started up in 2014 with a dream of providing the best internet marketing and SEO courses in Kolkata and across India. Till date, PromozSEO team has trained and mentored over 1600+ individuals, clients, and startup & corporate companies in different fields of modern digital marketing.

Courses conducted at PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy

  • Complete Digital Marketing Training Program
  • Complete Search Engine Optimization Training Program
  • Advanced Search Engine Marketing Google Ads Training Program
  • Comprehensive Social Media Management Training Program
  • Facebook Marketing Training Program
  • YouTube Video Marketing Training Program
  • Web Designing Training Program
  • PHP Open Source Web Development Training Program

If you want to develop your internet marketing, social media, paid marketing, and SEO skills contact PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy. We offer extensive and comprehensive courses which will help you to build your skills, career, and expertise. Additionally, if you are owning a business and thinking of investing in digital marketing, you should first invest in learning it. We can assist you to develop your internet marketing skills which will pay you a lot in the near future.