Vivid Computer Training

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VIVID Computer Training Institute is one of the reputed IT training institute in Dubai. We intend to offer more courses and certification than any other institute. We provide a friendly and conducive environment where businesses and individuals can be thoroughly trained in their chosen specialization. We have positioned ourselves to be a reliable IT training center where businesses can send their employees for customized training in order to benefit the firm. All this are done using our state-of-the-art facilities which are regularly updated for optimal performance.

We provide instructor-led courses for all courses and programs. At VIVID Computer Training Institute, our instructors are versatile, well trained and they are some of the best hands in the IT industry. For individuals interested in becoming Graphic Designers, we offer Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw which are essential courses required to bring their dreams to reality. We also have a strong AutoCAD/Engineering Faculty which delivers top quality AutoCAD, 3D Max, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, and Revit Structure training. Knowing the importance and relevance of office management tools, we ensure that our trainees receive the best of Microsoft Suite tools knowledge.

As a leading training institute in Dubai, we provide in-depth training for those in the motion and film industry. Through our Video and Special FX courses which focuses on Adobe Premiere and Adobe After FX. The knowledge of this courses will prepare our trainees to be the experts in their chosen field. Being a world-class IT training provider, we pay attention to Project management and provide quality training in this field for all of our trainees. We boast of the strength of our instructors who are experienced, savvy and experts in their area of specialization. Our goal is to produce the best IT workforce for technology-driven businesses worldwide.

We are an authorized and reputed computer training institute in Dubai founded on trust, quality and reliability. We offer customized courseware appropriate to UAE Industry and our trainers are professionals in the industry with most having 15 years or more experience best training facilities together contributing a high success rate. Many companies rely heavily on computers for their business transactions. This makes it essential for its employees to be computer literate and so we focus our training professionals who want to keep up with the technology world and those planning to change their current jobs and move to a more IT inclined job. Our main focus is on individuals in the field of design and Engineering. This includes graphic designing, Interior designing, CAD drafting, Exhibition stand creation, MEP Modelling& Analysis. We also focus students from various fields including Architecture, Construction, Automotive, Manufacturing, Civil engineering, GIS, Plant & Ship design, along with Animations & Graphics.

Part of our courseware includes official Autodesk, Adobe & Microsoft packages. What sets our company apart from other Computer Training institutes in Dubai is the fact that we offer individual training which prepares the students according to their strength instead of just stringing them along as is always the case. Low fees structure, as compared to other institutes is also one of the advantages of our computer training institute. We also offer free 2-Day demo classes for the students to test the waters and also decide if they want to go through with the training. No additional fee is charged for this demo.

Today, most companies base their recruitment process on your knowledge of software and your certificate is no longer the determining factor, they only check your knowledge and experience in software. Vivid computer training can assure you in both aspects by offering you knowledge of the software and usage of the technical skills in a corporate environment. Our admission coordinators will ensure the student’s requirements and guide them to choose their training accordingly, by gathering the information from them. They also guide the students, who are new to the Environment. What you would get with our computer training institute in Dubai is adequate preparation for interviews so that you can bag that job you really want. Our computer training is designed in such a way that a beginner can go for an experienced job. Contact us today and be on your way to a successful career in the IT industry.

COURSES OFFERED BY Vivid Computer Training