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About Aviation & Flight Training

 طيارو الخطوط الجوية هم من يشغلون أروع وظيفة على هذا الكوكب. إنهم مسؤولون عن سلامة الركاب وأفراد الطاقم ، ولكن أيضًا عن التأكد من حصولهم على تجربة ممتعة. إنهم مسؤولون عن قيادة الرحلات الجوية التجارية ، ونقل الركاب إلى وجهات طويلة أو قصيرة المدى ومكتب فوق السحاب يسافر حول العالم. كما أنهم مسؤولون عن قيادة الرحلات الجوية التجارية والركاب إلى وجهات طويلة أو قصيرة المدى. 

يجعل التدريب على الطيران طياري الخطوط الجوية مسؤولين عن التواصل مع مراقبة الحركة الجوية وكذلك الطيارين الآخرين في المنطقة مع إدراكهم للظروف الجوية وأي مخاطر قد تؤثر على مسار الرحلة. 


الآفاق المهنية


  • طيران و طيار تجاري
  • مراقب الحركة الجوية
  • مهندس صيانة الطائرات
  • مضيفة طيران
  • طب الطيران
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Aviation Management
  • Quality Control Officer


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are the qualities to take Aviation & Flight Training ?

one  needs to have these skills or the determination to develop the following skills if selecting an aviation course

-Good teamwork skills

-Good concentration

-Good hand-to-eye coordination

-The ability to remain calm under pressure

-The ability to lead

It's important that they have excellent hand-eye coordination because they will have to be controlling a plane at high speed through turbulent air.  With these skills in hand, one is ready for every stage of the aviation job.


  1. What is the use of doing online aviation courses?

Online aviation courses are a great way to learn the concepts of flight training. The main reason for this is that it allows one to learn at one's own pace. Another reason online learning is better than conventional education is that it provides a solid knowledge base before arriving at the local flight school. The candidate will already be familiar with the concepts covered in the classwork, so there will be no need to spend time reviewing them before beginning actual training. This will save time and money in the long run. These courses will give the prerequisite for aviation training.

In addition, online learning allows one to get started right away, as opposed to waiting until the next semester starts or having to wait for someone to get back from vacation so that they can give a ride. 


  1. Are these aviation courses certified by reputed organizations?

Yes, the courses are certified by reputed organizations that are recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of the United Kingdom. This means that on completion of this course, our students get a Certificate which is recognized by the CAA and other Aviation Regulators WorldWide.


  1. How long will it take to finish the aviation training course?

The amount of time required for training depends on the type of pilot one wishes to become. For example, if one is seeking an Introduction to Aviation course then it will typically take around five days to complete all the necessary classes, including exams. While, an Aviation Management/Cabin Crew (Domestic/International) will take a 3 month period to finish and get certified.